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I’m Janine, founder and creator of sensitivitystyleTM and international educator on the highly sensitive person and child as defined by Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D. and registered specialist counsellor for highly sensitive women.

The temperament trait of high sensitivity is not a disorder, rather an innate variation of personality that offers distinct advantages in certain situations. Persons with the trait tend to be highly empathetic and caring, curious, perceptive, thoughtful and easily overwhelmed (socially, emotionally and physically) due to their ability to inadvertently take in many details and process these deeply.


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What People Are Saying

  •   Janine Ramsey is a pioneer in bringing to the business world both the scientific research she has gathered about this trait and her first hand experience as a sensitive person in the workplace.  She stands to make an enormous contribution to organizations.

    Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D, Author of The Highly Sensitive Person
  •   Excellent presenter and content – Found it really insightful both in terms of understanding and impacts in workplace. Great from a managerial perspective!

    Shaun - psychologist, Epic Employment, Gold Coast Australia
  • It will definitely help in identifying and dealing with students who are highly sensitive. Janine was very knowledgeable on the topic and interesting and engaging to listen to.

    Genevieve - Bilambil Primary School, NSW Australia
  •  As a very HSP – related to everything you said!  So many times I have been told to “toughen up”!  Aggressive people take advantage in the workplace but I now (at age 56) have learned to cope. All my working life I have been disadvantaged but am now in a place where it has been moved to the “bottom of the ladder” in importance. Thank you for your excellent presentation Janine.

    Alex - Gold Coast, Australia
  •  Janine is compassionate, passionate, and very  knowledgeable about her subject matter, and is also an excellent public speaker. She has a warm, authentic, and humorous style, with a unique ability to connect with her audience in a way that is both professional and personal.

    Jacquelyn Strickland - Co-founder, with Dr. Elaine Aron, of the Gathering Retreats for HSPs
  •  I really enjoyed this topic and it has certainly opened my eyes, ears and mind to the HSP. I think I am  & one of my sons also and now I have a better understanding. Thank you for your excellent presentation Janine.

    Susie - Psychologist, Centacare, Australia
  •  Thank you Janine for providing us with another tool for helping us to better understand and more effectively communicate with and teach others.

    Johnny Johnson - President, Swim for Life Foundation
  •   I loved that Janine knew it first person and that her experience was relevant to us both personally and professionally.

    Jo - Aqua Harmony Swim School, Canberra
  •   Really helpful – didn’t even know this [high sensitivity] existed. Janine’s personal account and experiences provided credible knowledge of the trait.

    Teacher - Bilambil Primary School, NSW Australia
  •   Excellent Janine, and such a powerful message – Very well done! I loved it all!  Great job!!  I thought it was wonderful and I could tell by the nods that the others did too!

    Judy Bonning - Owner, Billabong Swim School, NSW Australia
  •   Janine Ramsey is offering to the business world her thorough knowledge of highly sensitive persons, perhaps the greatest undeveloped asset any company has.
    Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D, Author of The Highly Sensitive Person
  •   I am highly sensitive person. I have heightened senses, emotions, and intelligence. Much of western society is governed by strong, callous business mentalities. People like me are taught that they are lacking and “just need to toughen up.” Janine’s seminar showed me not only was I not alone, but also I was not flawed. Thank you Janine!
    Sara Anne Ohlandt - USA
  •   I found this seminar to be really helpful – it explains a lot about some children and adults. Janine was credible, authentic, kind, professional and empathetic.
    Julie - Bilambil Primary School, NSW Australia
  •   Through Janine’s entertaining and thought-provoking style, you will  gain insight into and an appreciation for friends, family members … and possibly, yourself.  Thank you Janine!
    Cindy Johnson - Owner, Blue Buoy Swim School, USA
  •  Janine's presentation was fabulous! It was heartfelt and her manner warm and engaging. Everybody was captivated & she held our interest over the entire day. Thank you Janine.

    Fran - Owner Aqua Harmony Swim School, Canberra
  •   Excellent presenter and content – much needed info for the world so we can all feel like we ‘fit in’, thank you so much Janine.
    Michelle - registered psychologist, Australia
  •  Janine's experience and ability to get the message across is excellent.

    Peg - Aqua Harmony Swim School, Canberra
  •   Awesome. Extremely helpful. I got a lot out of it as a parent of a highly sensitive child. Excellent presenter.
    Nikki - parent, Australia
  •   Great informative presentation. I loved the real life examples from Janine and especially the successful strategies.
    Kelly - Bilambil Community Preschool, NSW Australia
  •   Janine is an inspiration to her audience and I'm certain that her work will continue to be inspirational and motivational to others over the years to come.
    Jacquelyn Strickland - Licensed Professional Counsellor, USA
  •   Very informative, introduction of a new subject for me. Great speaker, clean message, could have listened for hours.
    Cintia - Billabong Swim School, NSW Australia
  •   Very informative, eye-opening. The beginning of an ongoing journey. Clear, concise, interesting, EXCELLENT presenter.
    Louise - parent & HSP
  •  Janine is a dynamic speaker who obviously knows her subject well.

    Chris - Aqua Harmony Swim School, Canberra
  •   After hearing Janine's wonderful presentation on Highly Sensitive Persons, I came away with a much greater understanding of some of the behaviors that I observe in many of my students at our swim school.
    Johnny Johnson - President, Blue Buoy Swim School Inc, USA
  •   Explained many behaviours of those children who have been in my classes. Very professional but also down to earth as a person who has had first had experience. Really enjoyable and helpful session.
    Gail - Bilambil Primary School, NSW Australia
  •  Janine's skills as a presenter and communication of information is excellent. Very professional, caring and fun :-)

    Jody - Aqua Harmony Swim School, Canberra
  •   Very good information from a highly knowledgeable presenter. Very good practical strategies that I can apply immediately.
    Andrew - Registered Psychologist, Centacare Australia
  • Very informative and useful. I was able to identify these children at my centre. Very personable presenter.  

    Kris - Bilambil Community Preschool, NSW Australia
  •  A warm, friendly approachable way to learn from someone who has real life experience and is not afraid to share and engage with you - the learner.

    Libby - Aqua Harmony Swim School, Canberra
  • Fabulous, engaging and informative session, thank you. Great presenter – empathetic and interested.
    Selena - Pottsville Community Preschool, NSW Australia