Sensitivity Style and You

Maybe you’ve been told that you are just “too sensitive” or alternatively that you are “so insensitive”. Either way it doesn’t feel good does it.

Differences in sensitivitystyleTM can be the source of much distress, misunderstanding and conflict. What can seem like nothing to one person, can feel like the end of the world to another.

No one style is better or less than any other. They are simply different. Each style has its unique strengths, needs, vulnerabilities and areas for development. The magic comes when people can understand and accept their own style, understand and accept the style of others, and develop and apply adapting skills so as to better connect with the other person.

There are four possible styles, and your style is determined by assessing your level of sensory processing sensitivity (responsivity to stimuli) and level of sensation seeking (urge to do novel and exciting things).

Knowing and understanding your unique style is a fundamental step to finding peace and satisfaction in your life.


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