Sensitivity Style at Work

sensitivitystyleTM underpins the way in which an individual relates to and behaves in the work environment. It is a key predictor of how a person will perceive and experience the physical environment and the behaviour of others.

Each style has differing strengths, vulnerabilities, needs  and areas for development. When striving to optimise individual performance, wellbeing and resilience,  understanding the role that an individual’s sensitivitystyleTM plays in these issues is critical.

As with personality style, a strong, successful organisation has all sensitivity stylesTM represented in its workforce and people whose styles are well matched to the requirements of their role. Peak organisational performance is achieved when all styles are understood, respected and valued for the unique contributions they make.

If you want to make measurable improvements in the psychological wellbeing, resilience and performance of your people, and in reducing bullying and psychological injury then the sensitivitystyleTM program can help you do this.


What does the sensitivitystyleTM program for workplaces comprise of?

  1. Complimentary, obligation free personal consultation with Janine to determine if the sensitivitystyleTM program is the best solution for your needs.
  1. High value, high impact keynote presentation to key stakeholders – Introduction to the sensitivitystyleTM model – what it is and how does it make a difference. Opportunity to find out your unique  sensitivitystyleTM and to create a sensitivitystyleTM profile of the key stakeholder team. 
  1. Awareness sessions on sensitivitystyleTM to a wider audience throughout the organisation – What is sensitivitystyleTM model and what makes people more or less sensitive to the environment? How does this impact on individual and team performance and productivity.
  1. Individual, self-assessment of sensitivitystyleTM and optional assessment by others. There are four main styles and each has its advantages and areas for growth. Education about strengths and challenges for each sensitivitystyleTM
  1. Create a sensitivitystyleTM profile for your organisation.
  1. sensitivitystyleTM Masterclass: Workshops for each style to focus on their unique strengths and areas for development. Tools and strategies for developing versatility skills so as to work more respectfully and successfully with other styles.
  1. Speciality modules for HR Managers, OHS specialists and Managers.
  1. Individual and small group ongoing coaching and mentoring options


For more information about the sensitivitystyleTM program for workplaces please contact me