Building Strong Connections With Your Students, Parents and Staff in Your Swim School

Child hugging legStrong interpersonal connections are key for engaging successfully with students, parents and staff in the swim school.

But how do we do this?  Even with the best of intentions, connections can become damaged leading to poor learning outcomes, unhappy parents and disgruntled staff.

At a time when the market is more saturated and competitive than ever, customer and staff retention has never been more important.

Connection is about tuning in, being in sync. It includes the dimensions of pace, intensity, acknowledgement, acceptance, validation, and at times, apology.

Being more tuned in will enable you to build strong connections with those around you. Helping a parent tune in to their child is one of the most important gifts you can give a family in your swim school.


This session will give you 


  • 6 Powerful steps for building strong connections, drawing from the work of Dan Hughes, Jon Baylin, Brene Brown and Stephen Porges.


  • Practical skills that can be used immediately in your swim school and your personal life


  • An opportunity to practice the skills in a fun, safe environment


  • An increased awareness of barriers that may prevent you from connecting as well as you would like


Duration of session

 The duration of this session can be flexible to suit your needs, from a minimum time of a 60 min presentation including question/discussion time to a half-day interactive workshop comprising 2 x 90 min sessions.


About your presenter

Janine Ramsey is a licenced counsellor in Australia and learn to swim professional specialising in trauma informed practices. She has been involved in the learn to swim industry for 40 years in various roles including swim teacher, swim school owner and now as consultant and educator for swim schools around the world.

Janine is passionate about ensuring families have positive experiences at the swim school and that lessons are free of force and trauma.