The Highly Sensitive Person

Too sensitive, wimp, cry-baby, drama queen, precious, too shy, bookworm, nerd, pussy, high maintenance, too emotional, too intense, sooky-la-la…

Just a small selection of the hurtful names that people with a more gentle, sensitive temperament have probably been called in their lifetime.  Is one of these labels standing out for you? If so then this could be an early clue that you are a highly sensitive person or HSP. 

This section of the site is created especially for you.  It is a place where you can learn

  • more about yourself and why you might be so sensitive
  • that you do NOT have a disorder and are NOT alone
  • ways to be successfullysensitiveTM  in a world that tends to think that successful and sensitive cannot possibly go together in the same sentence
  • about the research on the trait of high sensitivity


The term Highly Sensitive person (HSP) was coined by Dr Elaine N. Aron, research and clinical psychologist, in the early 1990′s as a results of her pioneering research on sensitive and shy people.

Elaine and her colleagues found that about 20% of the population are born with the temperament trait of high sensitivity or sensory processing sensitivity as it is called in the scientific journals. People with this trait have a more finely tuned nervous system, which is designed to notice the subtleties in the environment and to process and reflect on information more deeply.

Not sure if you’re an HSP?  

I invite you to take the HSP self assessment on Elaine Aron’s website   
When you have completed the test, simply close the browser to return to this page.


Want to take it a step further and find out what sensitivitystyleTM you might be?


There are four possible styles, and your style is determined by assessing your level of sensory processing sensitivity and level of sensation seeking. There are two possible HSP styles – the roses, and two non-HSP styles – the vines. 

Are you the sensationistTM, the sensefulTM , the sensibleTM or the senturionTM ?

The sensitivitystyleTM quiz  is coming very soon. 


What does it feel like to be an HSP?  

Some people say it’s a bit like having little antennae all over your body that can pick up more of everything; noises, smells, moods of others, etc., than those without the trait. Others say it’s like having a built in amplification system, in that everything is received and experienced at a much louder volume and intensity than for those without the trait.

Being highly sensitive is not the same as being shy. Research has found that 30% of highly sensitive people are extraverts and extraverts are not shy! The trait is found in equal numbers of men and women and is in fact found in all species studies on earth.

Having a proportion of a species being more sensitive to the subtle and having a deeper thinking and processing style with a stronger ‘pause to check’ system is found to be necessary for the survival of a species. If we were all the ‘rush in’ type, humanity might not exist today.


Being an HSP is not fashionable or popular in our Western culture

The greatest challenge by far for highly sensitive people seems to be that in some cultures, particularly the western culture, having a sensitive style is not currently fashionable. sensitivitystylesTM that feature toughness, resilience, high productivity and expediency are those in high fashion today.

Being out of fashion is a very uncomfortable way to live and can lead to a profound sense of being flawed, feeling like a misfit, faulty and lonely. But you should know that you are Not alone, Not faulty, Not a misfit, and Not flawed!

You belong of the group of 1.4 Billion people on earth with the normal, innate, inherited trait of high sensitivity. You have unique abilities and talents that many others do not have. But because of this you have to learn how to protect and care for yourself to fit into a modern world that is not designed primarily for you, rather it is more suited to those without the trait of high sensitivity.

You are different from the other sensitivitystylesTM but you are not less. All sensitivitystylesTM are needed in the world, each offers its own unique strengths to the world and no one style is better or less than another.


What we can do to make life better for ourselves and other HSPs

It is my mission in life to educate as many people as possible about the trait of high sensitivity and that the highly sensitive way of being in the world is a valid and useful way of being. Through education, I will help you to know that although you are different, you are not disordered, and that all you need is to know this, to heal from your past hurts and to learn practical strategies to be successfullysensitiveTM.

If you know of anyone that might be a highly sensitive person, please let them know about this site, so they too can learn that they are not alone, not flawed, how to live more in harmony with their trait and how to get on better with the other  sensitivitystylesTM.


What  you can do to help yourself and others

  • organize Janine to speak at an event in your area or hold a workshop for your people
  • share about the discovery of your trait with your true friends
  • let your friends know about this site so they can learn too
  • smile! – contrary to what you might think or feel about your trait at this time, it is a blessing to be an HSP and be able to experience the world in a way that only a minority can. Once you learn how to live in harmony with your trait, you will be able to fully embrace your uniqueness.