How to improve staff relations, performance and wellbeing at school with sensitivitystyle

Did you know that as many as 50% of your teaching staff may have a highly sensitive personality style as compared with the population norm of about 20%?

Did you also know that many managers and directors do not have a highly sensitive personality style?


Understanding and adapting to different personality styles is a fundamental requirement for building effective relationships and achieving optimal individual, team and business performance. sensitivitystyleTM is a unique personality profiling tool that explores two dimensions of personality not explored in any other personality model and which are intricately linked to workplace performance, communication, job fit, wellbeing and resilience.

There are four different sensitivity styles and indicative research has identified that certain styles are better suited to some roles than others. Having people in roles that are not suited to their style can result in cause stress, burnout, poor performance and high staff turnover. This results in significant cost (psychological, emotional and financial) at the individual, team and business levels.

In this fun and informative session, participants will complete the sensitivity style assessment and learn practical strategies to improve their personal performance, communication skills and versatility with colleagues, parents, and students as well as in their personal life.

Timing of the Presentation/Workshop

The duration of the session can be tailored to suit your availability, ranging from 90 mins to a full day. Longer sessions will provide more opportunity for interaction, case studies and problem solving.