Strategies for Parenting the Highly Sensitive Child (HSC)

shy_boyThis workshop is for parents with an interest in developing strategies to support a child with the temperament trait of high sensitivity as defined by Dr Elaine Aron.

 About High Sensitivity

High sensitivity or sensory processing sensitivity (SPS) as it is known as in the scientific world, is an innate, inherited temperament trait characterised by physical, social and emotional sensitivity. It reflects the valid survival strategy to pause and reflect before acting. (Aron, 1991)

Children with the trait may present problematically  as

  • cautious to new situations
  • easily upest by changes in routine
  • intense and demanding
  • having difficulty identifying and regulating their emotions
  • worring excessively and unusually about worldly issues
  • easily overwhelmed
  • sensitive to loud sounds, bright lights, scratchy fabrics, pain, some foods, skin products and medications.


Some people may see the highly sensitive child as fussy, shy, too sensitive and in need of being “fixed”.

Thanks to the pioneering research and writing of Dr Elaine Aron we now understand that being highly sensitive is not a character flaw or a disorder, rather a unique and equally valid way of experiencing the environment that offers many distinct advantages in certain situations.

Highly sensitive children require skilled and responsive parenting and support to enable them to mature into strong, sensitive adults who can understand, respect, manage and benefit from their unique gift of high sensitivity.


About the Workshop

This workshop will give you the opportunity to develop new skills and strategies for your tool kit as a parent of a highly sensitive child. You will gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the HSC’s strengths along with tools and strategies to help you manage the more challenging behaviours associated with the trait.

The workshop will be a blend of short presentations, group sharing, working in pairs, Q & A and personal reflection time. A relaxed, interactive environment that facilitates learning, personal growth, empowerment and sharing will be encouraged.

The workshop topics will give you the opportunity to apply the theory to your everyday life. They include

  • a brief overview of the everyday presentation of the trait and it’s commonly associated strengths and vulnerabilites
  • what the trait is not
  • unhelpful strategies that can exacerbate tricky situations
  • helpful strategies to address everyday challenges including the child’s reluctance to participate, difficulty coping with change and decision making, inability to self regulate strong emotions, overstimulation
  • how to bring out the best in the highly sensitive child and help them to realise their full potential