The Successfully Sensitive Masterclass


The Successfully Sensitive Masterclass is an advanced workshop for adults who identify with the temperament trait of high sensitivity as defined by Dr Elaine Aron.

Ideally participants have had an introduction to the topic  and would like to learn more about how to live and work more successfully as a highly sensitive person (HSP).

Participants will also have the opportunity to complete the sensitivitystyle assessment and debrief their result.

High sensitivity or sensory processing sensitivity (SPS) as it is known as in the scientific world, is an innate, inherited temperament trait characterised by physical, social and emotional sensitivity. It reflects the valid survival strategy to pause and reflect before acting. (Aron, 1991)

Many people with the trait have experienced a lifetime of being told things like “you’re just too sensitive”, “you’re so shy”, “get over it”, “get a thicker skin”. As a result they may have come to think there is something terribly wrong with them.

Thanks to the pioneering research and writing of Dr Elaine Aron we now understand that being highly sensitive is not a character flaw or a disorder, rather a unique and equally valid way of experiencing the environment that offers many distinct advantages in certain situations.

That is not to say that being highly sensitive does not come with its own set of unique disadvantages. One of the most challenging of those being how to fit into a world that is predominately designed and operated by non-HSPs.


About the Masterclass

The Successfully Sensitive Masterclass will give you the opportunity to explore your strengths and vulnerabilities as a highly sensitive person, to connect with other HSPs and to develop new skills and strategies for your tool kit. You will gain a greater understanding and appreciation for yourself along with tools to help you be more successful in this non-sensitive world.

The Masterclass will be a blend of short presentations, group sharing, working in pairs and quiet reflection time. A relaxed, interactive environment that facilitates learning, personal growth, empowerment and sharing will be encouraged. Participation in group activities is not a requirement. We are highly sensitive people and we get it! No explanation is needed if you’d rather be alone or take a break outside in the fresh air.

The Masterclass topics will give you the opportunity to apply the theory to your everyday life. They include

  • assessing your sensitivity style
  • understanding the trait of sensation seeking and how it impacts those with high sensitivity
  • identifying & making the best use of  your strengths, at work and at home
  • exploring your work experiences and career choice  in the context of your sensitivities and personal values
  • boundaries, confidence and assertiveness in your relationships, including your relationship with self
  • developing tools and strategies for managing your vulnerabilities.


Prerequisite Reading

In order to fully  benefit from the masterclass, it is expected that participants will have a foundation knowledge of the trait of high sensitivity, having in the least read Elaine Aron’s book, The Highly Sensitive Person.

The book is available in most libraries, book stores and online through Elaine’s website